24 Mar

Reasons Why You Cannot Play Episode Choose Your Story Game Well

Reasons Why You Cannot Play Episode Choose Your Story Game Well

Episode Choose Your Story is the latest storyteller genre based game, in which users can enjoy reading lots of interesting stories.  This game is elegantly published by the Episode interactive for both Android as well as iOS platforms.  It offers numerous sorts of features, which makes the gamers to spend lots of time in the virtual world.  The elements in the game are available in the form currency system, different kind of tales, and other things. The game is free to play and you can conveniently download it from your on-device app store.  Download it now and get entertained in the spare time.

Furthermore, the game also allows the gamers to create their own imaginative and creative stories to attain fame. This is the most famous feature, which has attracted over hundreds of thousands of players in the recent time. However, there are few players who find it hard and unable to reach the next level. Due to this, tons of gamers especially the beginner move on the other platform. If you are one of them, then there is no need to be troubled any more. Scroll down and gain enough relevant information to understand the gameplay without facing too many complications.

More About The Currency System

To make the game more exciting, the developers of the game added resources, which you need to earn in order to survive.  It is available in the form of the gems and passes, in which gems are the premium currency and another one is the primary resource.  Give your best shot and attain them to become the best player from all over the world with ease.  How to earn the gems and passes? Well, it is very convenient to gain the gems and passes. After completing a single episode of the tale will provide you some limited amount of resources. 

Furthermore, it is very difficult to obtain the gems in the game. But then there is still hope left, which offers the gamers enormous amount of currency.  The game allows the players to spend the hard earned money in exchange for the gems.  On the flip side, due to the changing environment and addition of the new features, it is better to avoid the usages of real cash.  If you want to attain huge amount of gems and passes, then try to follow the social media account of developers. This is also the best method to move forward with ease with Episode Hack 2018.

Learn Objectionable Content While Making Story

There are lots of people facing trouble during the publication of their story.  Why is it happening? Well, there are some term and condition, which you need to learn in order to meet the criteria.  First of all, the age of the gamer should be more than 13 years old. This is one of the common issues, which creates hurdle in publishing the tale.  Another one is the content, which encourages the suicide, self-harm, or other sorts of harassment stuff. Try to avoid these kinds of material and you can conveniently publish your story without facing too many complications.

Furthermore, few gamers love to create scary or horror genre stories. If you are thinking to create one, then it better to drop the idea and think another one. This genre based tales are now allowed, so it better to pass up and choose another genre.  Try to fabricate stories which include mash-up of more than one genre such as mystery with love, love with murder thriller, and other sorts of things. Otherwise, you can check out the other user’s stories and attain the best idea from them.

Final Declaration

Episode Choose Your Story is the better option for the users who are facing the problem of boredom. All you need to do is open the on-device app store and search for the game in order to download the game.  In the whole, there is no need to worry about anything. Just read the above-mentioned information to resolve the hurdles.  Understand the writing carefully and improvise your gameplay in order to become the best player from all over the world. Check it out now and enjoy!