16 Oct

The Basics About Homescapes

Strategy guide to Homescapes

Homescapes is the newest version of a game that has been introduced by Playrix. This game has followed the footsteps of the predecessors, which is Gardenscapes. This game is available for all the Android and the iOS devices. In this game, a person starts playing as Austin, who is a butler. The player has to take charge of a house that is dilapidated by completing a number of tasks. The player can play the matches, earn the coins and stars, and decorate his house with interesting furniture. To get a hold of the game, it is very important to understand the strategies that should be used. The Homescapes hacks are a must to play the game successfully.

Homescapes Strategies

A clear strategy is very important to understand the game and get a grip on the game. There are a variety of quests that have to complete in the house. To complete all these quests, the player needs plenty of stars. The players earn stars for the levels that they complete. Given below are few of the strategies that the players should be aware of.

For every level that is completed by a player, stars are earned. This is why it is very important to play the match-three levels. The more matches the player plays; the more stars are earned by him. The stars that are earned can be used for rebuilding the home, and the house will look not only real but also nice. Also, the number of tasks that the player completes also helps him to unlock the rooms that the house has.

When a player decides to buy a piece of furniture for his house, it does not require coins. But if the player wants to swap something, then he has to spend the coins. In order to earn more coins, the player needs to complete levels by making less number of moves. The moves that are left after the level is achieved, help in making the extra coins. This will allow the player to continue doing furniture swaps to his heart’s content.

The tiles that are special can be used by the player in all the levels, and they can be combined so that the levels are finished faster than usual. There are a huge number of combinations that the players need to be aware of. This includes mixing bombs and Homescapes Hack directional pieces, which will help to bomb the five vertical and horizontal rows. When disco balls are mixed, the player can eliminate the complete board. There are many other combinations as well that will assist the player in finishing the level faster.
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 If the player logs into Facebook, then he can get almost thousand coins as a bonus, allowing him to do furniture swaps as desired.

 The fastest way to earn more and more coins is by completing a number days within the house. Once the player completes tasks within a single day, he earns lots of coins.

Homescapes is a very exciting game, and the Homescapes cheats will make it easier for try now the player to earn more coins, and thereby he can progress in the game faster.…